Victory Through Synergistic Collaboration by Robert Ricciardelli

Victory Through Synergistic Collaboration by Robert Ricciardelli February 20, 2012

You can create great victories through harmonious collaboration with others. This becomes a multiplying effect on everything you do, because it releases and mobilizes not only your own abilities but those of everyone on the team. If you trust the people you are working with, you will honor them while creating a safe environment. And all of you will be more likely to create synergistic relationships that realize amazing discoveries. True progress in life is a relay race and not a single event. If you focus on the team and not just yourself, you will be able to pass the baton when necessary and finish well.

Are you regularly participating in collaboration with others?

Have you found a team or a community that is trustworthy and safe?

If you have not found those authentic and safe people to partner with in life, let that be your prayer for today.

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