Walking Right Past Fear Confidently by Robert Ricciardelli

You always have a choice on how you respond to fear. You can cave into it, struggle with it, accept it, reject it, or work around it. You always have a choice, a choice you can make consistently, or a choice that changes based on what you sense may be best for you in the moment. Fear can become habitual and it brings the fantasy of what might happen into our current reality. Unsupported fear is much like a hot air balloon. Once we grab hold of it, we are flung all over the place, terrified, out of control, anxious and powerless. No one can force us to grab onto the fear balloon and it is faith that keeps us grounded while the fearful balloons scatter away. The next time a fear balloon lands near you, do not jump into the basket, rather walk in confidence right past it knowing that God is with you, and that you are more than a conqueror in Him.

How are you responding to fear in your life?

Has fear become a habit in your life?

Are you grounded in your faith?

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