Warriors of God Arise! by Robert Ricciardelli

The warrior of God has self-confidence beyond that of the average man. The self-confidence is in their identity as a Son of God and in their revelation of oneness with God. It becomes more than just a self-confidence, but truly is a God-confidence fusion of the now, and of all things eternal. The warrior of God is confident in the “all things are possible” with God, but humble enough to know that without God, there is no power, there is no life. The world seeks certainty in the eyes of men, the warrior of God sees certainty in living to please God and not man. This is a clarion call for all warriors to come forth.

Are you a warrior of God? What defines that in you?

Do you see you as separate from God, or do you see all of life inseparable from God?

It is not a time for retreat. We are to rest in knowing He is God, but obediently and passionately advancing His work upon the earth. Will you step out and step forth with your God?

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