What Race Are You Running? By Robert Ricciardelli

If life is a race, whom we are racing for, and what we racing for would seem to be significant. What does the finish line look like and how do we get there would matter. Talent, training, and determination can win most races, but in this race you can never make it to the finish line on your own efforts, or even the efforts of others. We were born to live and depend upon our God to be with us, and to strengthen us for every step of our journey toward Him, the Author and Finish Line of our faith. The Victorious finish line of this amazing race will not come by trying harder, but by trusting Him more, and allowing His strength to flow through our lives.

Are you racing in the Divine of life?

Have you been relying too much on yourself or others?

Will you let go of the controls to the One who knows and loves you most?

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