You are an Agent of the Divine by Robert Ricciardelli

You are an agent of the Divine, you are an agent for God. Through the power of God’s presence, you have the opportunity to represent the loving image of God by how you live, how you love, and how you relate with others. Think of yourself as an incandescent power, an illuminated lighthouse for the works of God on earth revealing His glory. We all flow from one foundation and are filled with unlimited potential of abiding love, truth, and creativity. We must accept that the creative pulse within us is God’s creative pulse itself wanting to co-create with us His majestic reality. You cannot separate yourself from God except by a conscious choice as He is within you, ever desiring to show Himself through you in amazing ways. You are an eternal agent for God and His goodness through which He will reach others.

Do you see yourself as an agent for God?

Can you see yourself at times as a secret agent that always illuminates His truth and love?

Do you see yourself as always “on” as an ambassador of the Kingdom of God?

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