You Cannot Be Prepared to Die Without Truly Living by Robert Ricciardelli

We were created for life and will never be prepared to die until we have truly lived. People who experience life fully are the ones most able to die with the same passion in with which they have lived. Those who fear death the most are those who have not yet begun to live. Those who live in the realm of faith, hope, and love, live for eternity now. Today is another good day to live in the conscious presence of God, and in the reality of life in the Spirit. The haunts of anxiety and fear dissipate in a life cradled in the hands of God.

Are you embracing life fully today? What makes this so?

If you fear death, begin to check with Spirit in asking why.

In the wholeness of God within, begin to live life of faith, where fear has no grip, and where love and life can pour forth abundantly.

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