Not in My Neighborhood

  A friend read my post on sex workers in the neighborhood. He said it reminded him of this story: When I was about 6 or 7, I dropped an ice cream on the sidewalk in my neighbor’s yard. I was really upset that I had lost my ice cream. The neighbor ran out into [Read More…]

Trauma and the Hebrew People

I spent the weekend at a seminar on Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities. During one of the HROC sessions, we listed the consequences of trauma. One group came up with scapegoat as a consequence. defines scapegoat, “a person or group made to bear the blame for others or to suffer in their place.” The [Read More…]

Response to Trauma

I’m spending the weekend at a retreat learning how to respond to trauma. The process is called Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities, and was developed in Rwanda and Burundi, and is a method of getting in touch with our own trauma and that of others. You can read more here. Actually, I like the philosophy [Read More…]

Boundaries In Action

I had a former congregant call a while back about her teenage daughter, coming out as bisexual. There was none of the usual upset, no “I’m not going to have grandchildren,” or “Will my daughter still be able to go to heaven?” She and her husband were happy that their daughter felt free to tell [Read More…]

Sex Workers in the Neighborhood

I have a friend who lives on the stroll. No, really! There are sex workers operating their small businesses right along the alley behind her house. Sometimes she hears them, sometimes she sees them, and sometimes her children notice them, too. When Jesus was asked about which part of the Law is most important, he [Read More…]

Turn Your Face Into the Breeze

The heat can make anyone grumpy. Not that it’s difficult to make me crabby, but yesterday in our building-cum-old- house church, it was 90 degrees, and we don’t have air conditioning. After working in the building, straightening-up, removing light bulbs to make it cooler, getting up and down on the ladder, I was definitely hot. [Read More…]

Why I Am a Baptist

If you know me, you know that I pastor a Mennonite church. They are really an amazing congregation. I’m not just saying that, either! They believe in women’s leadership, they are welcoming and affirming, and have a really strong commitment to peace. It’s not final yet, but we have a tagline at my church. It’s [Read More…]

Sex Workers Disallowed from 2012 AIDS Conference

Consider for a moment that you want to start a restaurant. What would you do? Would you find out what kind of food people liked? Would you poll people who are willing to spend money in restaurants and ask them questions? Like, “What kind of food do you eat?” and “What restaurants do you frequent, [Read More…]


I am a Mennonite pastor. What comes to mind? Well, if you know any Mennonites, you might think of plain clothes, conservative theology with a peace and justice bent, horse and buggies, and wimples, those little white lace hats that many Mennonite women wear. That’s if you even considered that I might be female. Let [Read More…]

Having It All or Having Enough?

There’s lots of questions in the blogosphere about whether or not women can have it all. Of course, by “all” we mean, can we work and have families? And do both as well as we can do them? In Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article in The Atlantic she says: In short, the minute I found myself in [Read More…]