6 Lessons from the Death of Chester Bennington

It was April 19, 2004 at about 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. when I got a knock on the door from my mom and she explained to me that my childhood friend had died. At the moment I didn’t realize the shock and went back to sleep with the little time I had before school (I was a sophomore in high school). When I woke up for breakfast I asked my mom if what she said was real or not... Read more

Raising Boys vs. Raising Men

We’ve all heard the phrase “Boys will be boys” when a boy does or says something immature or silly. However, there comes a point when a boy becomes a man. However, having the characteristics and physical traits that a man has doesn’t make one a man it makes one a male. We need to make a distinction between men and boys. A guy can be well into his mid-20s, 30s, 40s or even 50s and still be a boy. This... Read more

A Call for Empathy

This past Ramadan I observed a couple of unfortunate ugly traits in our community. One of which is a strong judgmental, unempathetic, critical mindset where we seek out the faults of our fellow brothers and sisters. This is particularly problematic when it comes to social media. It’s too easy to hop on social media platforms and put each other on blast publicly. Very rarely thinking about the impact of our words and the extent of damage and harm we are... Read more

Avoiding the Activist Burnout

We live in interesting times. The world at times seems to be spinning way too fast and we can often become overwhelmed with the issues, challenge, problems and injustices that are facing our world. Some of us have taken a stance to do something about the issues we see facing the world.Some of us make the mistake by trying to address every injustice, issue, and challenge that our world is facing. This not only renders us ineffective, but hurts us... Read more

18 Tips on How to Make this Ramadan the Best One Ever

Ramadan we’ve been told is a time of Quran and a time of reconnecting with Allah, but the question is how? Is it simply going to taraweeh prayers and not understanding what’s being recited or is it reading as much Quran as you can? A lot of folks make “Ramadan resolutions” and goals, but often fall flat post-Ramadan. However, in my personal experience it’s been the small things, but consistent things that have allowed me to have a much more... Read more