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Slow Enough To Care

Two weeks ago, China was caught up in state of troubling reflection as a national audience viewed a security camera recording of a small girl not only hit by a couple of passing motorists, but more disturbing, casually disregarded by all forms of human traffic.  (Here's an article explaining the horrific incident, with the security camera footage at the bottom.  Warning, obviously, it's graphic.)  Like most parents, the sight of a defenseless child motionless in the path of oncoming traffic creat … [Read more...]

Valuing Totem Poles

To the casual Northwest observer, nothing appears more iconic than the odd assortment of stacked animal images that makes up the totem pole. Painstakingly hand-carved, competing for altitude with power poles and cell towers, the Native American totem pole bears witness to a value chain not usually understood.These typically hand-hewn wooden monoliths are often a visual reminder of personal or community history.  Also, they make values visible. We do this in our modern, every day … [Read more...]