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So, How’d We Do?

In a private moment some distance from a room delightfully "trashed" with discarded Sally Foster, couches askew, small piles of treasures left untended... we ask the same question every year."So how'd we do?"We're not measuring personal wealth, family status, or how well we made out under the tree compared to last Christmas. And for us, it's not an awkward question which leads to an uncomfortable dialogue filled with either self gratification or loathing. We are a family who feels we've … [Read more...]

Capture Their World

Child psychologists are in agreement there’s a time when youngsters differentiate themselves from their surroundings, recognizing that their actions are theirs alone as they toddle into the first steps of empowered responsibility. Taking advantage of digital photography’s tech advancements, not to mention the diminishing costs associated with these ever-smaller image makers during the holiday season, my wife have put cameras under the Christmas tree for each of our kids as they step into this ne … [Read more...]

Lessons I’m Learning in India

It gets me every time.  You’d think that after visiting India 13 times, I’d be accustomed to seeing the extreme poverty on display, but there’s no way to prepare for it.Literally as soon as I drive out of the New Delhi airport – in my chauffeured car with my six pieces of luggage – I am confronted with signs of desperation and dire need.  Women holding babies come up to the car window begging for money.  So do barely clothed young children and maimed men.Our car crosses people sleep … [Read more...]