New theme and future direction

My wife called tumblr a “grown-up facebook” today. I hope that she’s right. I am also becoming the proud owner of a new, old typewriter very soon. I’m caught in a somewhat nasty predicament: growing more and more appreciative of old things and lifeways and, at the exact same time, reluctant — perhaps ‘unable’ is the better term — to remove myself from this newer world altogether. Furthermore, I am also becoming tired of the ways in which the “old” and the “new” distance themselves from each other. It need not be so. From the design (that I paid $19 dollars for!) to, hopefully, the contents, I will try to use this site to close the gap between the two, as best I can. I suspect that others are already doing this, with more success and savvy than I will, but here’s to my own attempt at achieving a modest unification of my love for the old and the new.