An Important New Blog: The Recovering Scientist

Greetings from the Republic of Texas!

In my recent talk on Augustine and Monica, I may have given the wrong impression: that modern science cannot be engaged with seriously and faithfully. This is NOT my position. The point requires nuance and balance. This new blog promises to possess that and more.

About the author: a student and friend of mine, and recent graduate of Wabash College, has been studying the philosophy of science in his ongoing, personal quest to grow in understanding of his relationship to his faith and the art of science. A physics major and summa cum laude honoree — and author in a first-rate academic science journal — he will soon venture into the classroom as a physics student-teacher. He is also a faithful, devout Catholic and a capable pianist and organist. He will also soon submit (and, most likely, present) an excellent, edited version of a paper he wrote in my philosophy of education class during the Autumn term of 2011 and published in Calimachus, the Wabash journal for undergraduate research and writing, at the Society for the Philosophical Study of Education.

If you’re not impressed yet, go jump in a lake. Impressed or not, I highly recommend reading his start-up blog: The Recovering Scientist


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