Anticipating my show at the Red Stag tonight, here are the lyrics of two of the new songs we’ll be playing. The first (“Aliens”) is an edited version of a poem that appears in Things and Stuff, the second (“Late to Love”) is the title track to my next album. The rest of the set list will be taken from Freedom for Love (that can be heard for free at Soundcloud) and a few standards and covers.


Aliens come and go

in time and space they wander

Aliens say “hello”

too much time they squander

for by the time of greeting

the Alien is no more

the Alien face is fleeting

sandcastles on the shore

and while the Alien wishes

for just a while longer

WASHED — like soiled dishes

before the funk grows any stronger

Late to Love


Love always / comes late

Never / on time

Lovers / bounds by fate

(dis)obey / bells that chime

Poetry / don’t sound so good

Shackled / to a rhyme

Freedom for love?

Highly inconvenient

B: Late / have I loved you / beauty so old / beauty so new. (repeat)


Love is / just a word

Spoken / from time to time

But love is / a saving verb

Transforming water / into wine

So cover me / oceantide

Redeem my soul / in suicide

Make haste / do not wait

‘Cause love always / comes too late

B: Late / have I loved you / beauty so old / beauty so new. (repeat)

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