The Teacher-Centered Classroom

Last week I gave two talks at Wabash College. The second talk was unfortunately not recorded. The administration at Wabash College seems to find very serious and somewhat technical lectures on aesthetics, philosophy, and teaching very dangerous these days—so much for the liberal arts.

I recorded the noon talk, and the very interesting discussion that followed, myself; here it is, for those who might be interested: The Teacher Centered Classroom.

Next week, I’ll be training to Portland, OR, to give a paper on reading and participate in an “author meets critics” session at the annual meeting of the Philosophy of Education Society. I hope to keep posting these talks and events, along with the (un)usual fare I usually post.

What about the Pope? Honestly, I am glad to not be a cardinal and feel anything from curiously excited to somewhat indifferent to the whole thing. I wish Benedict XVI the very best, of course, but I’m so far behind the news cycle and ecclesial politics, I’d do much better having little to nothing to say about it.

In a way, this reflects my point about magisterial authority in the teacher-centered classroom: I am not at the center of this universal classroom, nor should I be. Thanks be to God!


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