Abortion Beyond Poli-Tricks

Just over a month ago, I gave a lecture at Franciscan University of Steubenville, sponsored by Students for a Fair Society, based on the work I’ve been doing for a short, forthcoming book on abortion, to be published by Patheos Press in 2014.

Soon thereafter, Tristyn Bloom, a junior fellow at First Things, gave an excellent talk at Yale University, printed at The Federalist. The particulars of her talk are different — and more diplomatic towards pro-lifers — but the general trajectory is, on my reading, the same.

Most recently, Marc Barnes has a similarly toned post at Bad Catholic today.

I am cautiously optimistic that there is a soft, but energetic breeze blowing, brushing aside the ideological stalemate and tired slogans, with the capacity to revitalize and reimagine the now predictable and battle-scarred discourse on abortion, life, and death in the United States.

Here is my talk, via Soundcloud: