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Must Reads!

Here are some important recent posts that you shouldn't miss:*"Why I'm On Strike Today: I Can't Support Myself On $7.85 at Burger King," by Willieta Dukes Burger King says they can't pay employees like me higher wages because it would force them out of business. Yet last year it made $117m in profits and its CEO took home $6.47m. It would take me 634 years to earn that much. *"Turning on a Dime: False Equivalence in Purity Culture," by Dani Kelley  It is a goddamn lie that a person cannot … [Read more...]

I Am Not A Rose.

Trigger Warning: Rape, Sexual Assault, Purity Culture Somewhere during that awkward transition period of my life in which I had ceased being a raving fundamentalist but had not yet become a raving feminist universalist, I really liked this one Matt Chandler video.I told was an awkward period of my life.You can watch that video here, if you are so inclined. For those of you who'd rather not (I don't blame you), I'll sum it up real quick like.In the video, Chandler talks … [Read more...]

“You Are Not Your Own:” People Belong To Their Partners…Even Before Marriage

This post is part of a series called“You Are Not Your Own,” focusing on rape and sexual assault in Christian relationship/dating booksTrigger Warning for rape, sexual assaultToday, I'm continuing my series in which I share the results of my undergraduate thesis on rape and sexual assault in popular evangelical Christian dating books. After reading Real Marriage, When God Writes Your Love Story, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, and Dateable, I came across four significant findings:These b … [Read more...]

If Jesus is Lord, then Caesar is not.

Last night at church, my pastor talked about the phrase "Jesus is Lord," and what that phrase means. After church, a fellow church goer was wanting to start a conversation about what "Jesus is Lord" means to different people and asked if I would write a blog post on the subject.My relationship with the idea that "Jesus is Lord" is complicated in a couple of ways. First of all, as someone who identifies as both a Unitarian Universalist and a Christian, I am wary of the exclusive mindset such … [Read more...]

I Don’t Care If You Call Yourself A Feminist, Part 2

In my last post, I started talking about the trend, particularly in privileged feminism, to pressure people into identifying as feminists. They will say things like "if you think women are human beings, then you ARE a feminist! End of story." or "You don't identify as a feminist? Don't you think women are human? What's wrong with you?"Yesterday, I told you that I'm not comfortable with this rhetoric because feminism isn't perfect. Some marginalized people don't want to put up with feminism … [Read more...]

I Don’t Care If You Call Yourself A Feminist, Part 1

In my time on the feminist internets, I often hear arguments for why EVERYONE should identify as a feminist. "If you think women are people, congrats, you're a feminist!" "Quit saying 'I'm not a feminist, but....' You are a feminist!" Etc., etc., etc. There was a time, when I first became a feminist, when I would have shared quotes saying something similar.But lately, when I see these arguments trying to shame people into identifying as feminists, I get a little uncomfortable.This meme … [Read more...]

“You Are Not Your Own:” People Belong To Their Partners

This post is part of a series called“You Are Not Your Own,” focusing on rape and sexual assault in Christian relationship/dating booksTrigger Warning for rape, sexual assaultNote: this research mainly focused on female rape. Though it is not the focus of my project, male rape is a huge problem as well–1 out of every 10 rape victims is male. I wanted to make it clear that, despite the focus of my study, it is not only women (and definitely not only cisgender women) who face sexual violenc … [Read more...]

My Wedding Vows, Part 2: The “Okay, I Guess We Should Take This Somewhat Seriously” Edition

I already shared my fun, geeky wedding vows. But if you're interested in hearing our serious set of vows, here they are:In the name of the God of love and justice,I, _________,Take you, _________ to be my equal partner in marriage.I vow to love you and to affirm your humanity,As one made in the image of God.To actively nurture and care for you.To provide for and protect you.I vow to never abuse you,Because “abuse and love cannot coexist.”I vow to treat … [Read more...]

My Wedding Vows, Part 1: The Geek Edition

As you might have noticed, my writing has been a bit non-existent as of late. That's because I've been a bit busy planning a wedding, getting married, and now, going on my honeymoon. I may try to squeeze some blogging in, in between doing the things honeymooners do, but for now I just thought I'd take a couple of posts to share with you all the vows that Abe and I wrote together.Later this week, I'll share our serious vows with some commentary on why we chose the words we chose. But this … [Read more...]

Maybe God is a “bitch”

In the months following my decision to leave fundamentalism for good, I began to shy away from the idea of God as a God of wrath. No, how could God be wrathful? God is love. God isn't angry at us. God loves us.Maybe I was wrong.The wrath of God in fundamentalism is often used to talk about God sending little children to hell for taking a cookie out of the cookie jar. It's often used to talk about how God was so furious with us disgusting human beings that God had to use his own son, Jes … [Read more...]