Must Reads!

Dig Deep: Beyond Lean In by bell hooks

Sandberg’s work would not have captured the attention of progressives, particularly men, if she had not packaged the message of “lets go forward and work as equals within white male corporate elites” in the wrapping paper of feminism.

Unsafe Spaces by Mikki Kendall 

Does that mean that there is no good solution? No. Should abusers get help? Absolutely. Can they heal? Again, absolutely. I certainly think that the cycle can be broken. But their healing can’t be a priority that trumps the safety of others in any community. In progressive organizations, the health of the whole community hinges on the safety of every member, not just the most popular ones.

An Ounce of Action by C. Wess Daniels 

The Gospel story is one in which truth is embodied, theory is wrapped up in a fleshly body.

Today is Intersex Awareness Day by Courtney Fraser

I’ve heard the explanation that intersexuality is a niche issue. It’s not. That’s bull. Not only are intersex issues (a) clearly important in their own right and (b) closely tied to queer and trans* causes, but (c) this is also a reproductive justice issue, which means that if you are a woman – if you are a person – you are obligated to care about this.

Why I Don’t “Debate” by Flavia Dzodan

I will never engage in “debates” around people’s humanity. I will never lend credibility to arguments that call into question my (our) right to live as self actualized persons.

Ten Things Male Feminists Need to Stop Saying by jaythenerdkid

Hi there, men who want to be feminists. Take a seat.

The American Church’s Absence of Lament by Soong-Chan Rah

How we worship reveals what we prioritize. The American church avoids lament. Consequently the underlying narrative of suffering that requires lament is lost in lieu of a triumphalistic, victorious narrative. We forget the necessity of lament over suffering and pain.

My cat loves feminist theology (photo by me)
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