Church of Scientology to conduct seminar

reprinted from the Solomon Star

An international team “Scientology Volunteer Minister Pacific Goodwill” will hold a month exhibition and give free seminars to public in Honiara.
Scientology Volunteer Ministers are from the Church of Scientology, a worldwide movement that has for more than 25 years worked across national, racial, political and religious boundaries in more than 150 countries to help people deal with upheavals and has helped them put their lives back together.

Pacific director Mathew Andrew told The Solomon Star that the visiting team will conduct the grand opening for their one month exhibition on April 21 at old Town Ground at 10 am.

Mr Andrew said public are invited to be part of the program as free seminars on 19 subjects will be done where several vital topics will be covered during the event.

He said some of  topics that will be covered include, how to communicate and understand others better, how to improve your standard of living, solutions to alcohol and drug abuse, how to improve your ability to study and learn, what makes a successful marriage, get trained in disaster response techniques and how to be an effective leader.

According to the director the Volunteer Ministers bring the message of “No matter the problem…. Something can be done about it”.

“Our aims are to pass on the knowledge of scientology to people and then they can overcome problems which before were troubling them or those they care about.”

Apart from seminars and training Volunteer Ministers also provide their unique/ emergency service expertise at major disaster sites all over the world thus Mr Andrew said that one of outcomes of their visit to the Solomon Islands now is that locals will be trained up to respond to any future disasters.

The team had been in the country in November last year and had visited 16 villages from West and East Guadalcanal where they conduct free seminars and help people in those communities.

The team looks forward to continue its programs to other parts of Guadalcanal Province soon.

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