Here is how it works. George Soros has planted one, three, six, forty-seven moles in a Facebook group called “Banished by Mark Shea.” You will have read about their, ahem, antics on Mary Pezzulo’s blog here, here, and here. They include such pleasantries as planning libelous publications, anti-Semitism, and threats of violence against well-known figures in the Catholic Church. (Entirely in a jovial, facetious spirit of course.) Soros’s moles meet with the Patheos bloggers when we all get together at… Read more

I tell you again: Give no credence to Fake Site News. Never give them credence, but particularly give them no credence when they are bashing the pope. Never give them credence when they are bashing the pope, but particularly give them no credence when the author is John-Henry Westen. A look at his absurd attempt, here, to claim that Pope Francis somehow contradicts Benedict XVI and John Paul II on abortion, gives us one more example why. But first, in… Read more

Kristen Hatten was, once upon a time, the Vice President of New Wave Feminists and much involved with Live Action. She also has a blog called Chronicles of Radness. These days, by her own telling, she has “come to identify with the alt right” and calls herself an “ethnonationalist.” [Edited to add: It is because of this that NWF, not approving of Hatten’s transformation, kicked her out several months ago.] Somehow, this is not “white nationalism,” it’s not racism, and… Read more

The Magisterium is the teaching authority of the Catholic Church. The word does, after all, come from the Latin magister, which means “teacher.” So when St. John Paul II, in promulgating the Catechism of the Catholic Church, called it a “sure norm for teaching the faith,” he sure seems to be calling it Magisterial by definition. He said that in Fidei Depositum. Fidei Depositum is an apostolic constitution. An apostolic constitution is the highest, most solemn decree a pope can… Read more

I have refuted all the other charges of heresy the filial ones have made against the Holy Father. And you will recall, dear reader, I often had the difficulty in finding out exactly where in the text of Amoris Laetitia they think they find those notions. This is because they do sloppy work. Read more

What is this stumper of a question? you ask. Here it is: Would you save one thousand embryos or one child in a fire? Really? That’s it? This is the question that’s supposed to confound us? This is the question that gets Raw Story in a heat of excitement and Mr. Tomlinson many new followers on Twitter? Really? Read more

At LMS Chairman, Dr. Joseph Shaw declares a death sentence on Ultra­montanism. As evi­dence, he cites so-called conflicting statements on capital punishment be­tween Pius XII and Pope Francis. Ah! The Protestant gotcha schtick. Catholic trad types play that game too. Read more

Give The Correctors credit for consistency. So far, in their self-styled “filial correction” of Pope Francis, they have been batting a consistent .000. Read more

Wrong information is being given out at Fake Site News. (The credulous call it Life Site.) That could be a lede on any day, but their latest nonsense about the Holy Father—that he some­how approves of same-sex civil unions—is so bad it spans parallel universes beyond what we’ve learned to expect from them. And now CRISIS!!! has joined them in this false report. Read more

Given its sterling and unbroken record for inaccuracy, perhaps we should be referring to the “filial correction” as the Not Correctio. It would at least be a step in the direction of honesty. Read more

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