Simcha Fisher Speaks the Truth About Milo Apologists

She writes:If you have spent decades building up a venerable and formidable career as a scholar of the theology of human sexuality, you should be aware that publicly defending Bill Cosby, Trump and Milo guarantees that younger generations will reflexively scoff at anything with your name on it. Maybe you don't care, but that is what happens, and it's a damn shame.It is. I look at apologias for Milo from professors of moral theology, presumably respected, that strain to find the nuance in … [Read more...]

Lepanto Institute Under Malicious Attack by Evil “Social Justice Warriors”!

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Lepanto Institute Meme Attempts to Link Social Justice to Judas Iscariot

On February 13, I posted an article about a meme you will still find on the Lepanto Institute's Facebook page. The meme makes the intellectually lax claim that Judas is the "patron saint of social justice." (The actual patron saint of social justice, Mary Pezzulo points out, is St. Martin de Porres.) I pointed out in my earlier post---and I will repeat below---that social justice is long-established Catholic doctrine. The Church goes as far as to call it one of the non-negotiables. To somehow … [Read more...]

Trump Senior Adviser: His Powers are “Substantial” and “Will Not Be Questioned.”

No one doubts that presidents have authority in national security matters. But their power is not, never has been, and must never be, unlimited and immune from question or check. That is not the way of the United States. For example, Article I of the Constitution gives the Congress the power to declare war. War is a national security question too, but the president can not declare a war on whoever he likes. The president has limited powers. But who keeps him in check? The Congress can do so … [Read more...]

But What If A Pope Did Teach Heresy Ex Cathedra?

Dustin Lattimore, a Protestant, asked the question on Facebook. Earlier today, Dave Armstrong also also blogged about it. Mr. Armstrong, in denying the possibility of ex cathedra heresy, still hedges a bit.To get really philosophically heavy [Dear God.], at this point I would deny (in faith) that it could happen, but I don’t think it is an “impossible counterfactual” or “logically impossible” in all possible or conceivable worlds. [No, not all of them.] It’s the difference between philosophy … [Read more...]

Sorry, But I’ve Changed My Mind About Pope Francis

I mean, I do like Pope Francis. I've defended Pope Francis. I want to believe---I really want to believe---that footnote 351 of Amoris Laetitia can (and should) be read consistently with Familiaris Consortio 84. I have argued as much multiple times on this wery blog. The pope, in footnote 351, says that "in some cases" couples who are in an irregular marital union but unable to separate for the sake of children can "receive the help of the sacraments." In the main text (par. 305), he says that … [Read more...]

Jesus Died for Fidel Castro. This Should Not Be a Controversy.

Or it should not be for Catholics. I know that Calvinists say that Christ died only for the Elect. (Though they also say we can't know the identity of the Elect, and would amend my title to read, "Jesus May Have Died for Castro, But We Don't Know.") Whereas, for Catholics (those who are rightly catechized) if we can't know whether Castro is saved, we do know that Christ died for him. Christ died for him just as surely as he died for Mother Teresa.Ezekiel 18:23. "Have I any pleasure in the … [Read more...]

How Many Times Must Amoris Laetitia Be Clarified?

I mean, really, dear reader, maybe I am a fool, but didn't we have a clarification already from Cardinal Schonborn? I reported on this all the way back on May 1. If my math is correct, that was two hundred days ago. Have people not been reading this blog? Listening to Schonborn? Back in April, the wery month the pope released Amoris Laetitia, Cardinal Schonborn addressed "the question of this little footnote." (That's footnote 351, if I may refresh your memory, dear reader, the smoking gun, … [Read more...]

Is Criticizing Priests Forbidden to Catholics? In Fact, We Have a Right To.

This is not another post about Fr. Pavone. Saints forbid. But it was during a discussion of that topic on Facebook that someone made the claim that Catholics are "not allowed" to criticize priests. I am going to limit myself, therefore, to that specific claim. I do not, here, address the topic of whether criticism of priests is imprudent. Nor do I discuss the extent to which we must do so in charity, or privately, with respect for the office, and so on. I address only the claim that it is "not … [Read more...]

Where is the Baby Now? Fr. Frank Pavone’s Words are Inconsistent.

Fr. Frank Pavone can't seem to keep his story straight. Here---and I have removed from it the image of the aborted baby---is the original post at Priests for Life's Facebook page. (PFL has since removed said post, but I and others wisely retained a screenshot of it.)"Entrusted to us by a pathologist for burial" the post says. So let me understand. A pathologist gave Priests for Life the body of an aborted child, in the belief that Fr. Pavone would bury it. But before that could happen, he … [Read more...]