Delighting in the Good (Triune) God

There’s a nice little book on the Trinity coming out soon, and I highly recommend it as a zippy intro to my favorite subject. The book is Delighting in the Trinity, by Michael Reeves, and here’s what I already said about it as a back-cover blurb:

If you have ever felt that the doctrine of the Trinity was a liability, a burden to be borne patiently, this is the book that will change your perspective. Michael Reeves’s Delighting in the Trinity presents the triune God as the best thing about the Christian faith. Convinced that ‘the triunity of God is the secret of his beauty,’ Reeves writes from a full heart, with contagious enthusiasm for the Trinity. Delighting in the Trinity is more stimulating, quotable and engaging than we usually expect a theology book to be. Page after page, Reeves finds new ways of talking, draws surprising connections and reminds us that the God of the gospel is good news in three persons.

That’s my blurb and I’m sticking to it. In fact, I enjoyed reading the book so much that I wanted to say a little more about it here, mainly to pass along some of my favorite quotes.

The book has already been out for a while in the UK, under the title The Good God, and even in its American translation you’ll hear a bit of an accent. Michael Reeves is the theological adviser for the UCCF (Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship) in the UK, and also oversees the Theology Network site. But Delighting in the Trinity has made the jump well, and I think people will like it. “Delight” is a good word to work into the title, because Reeves is obviously enjoying his job of teaching about the Trinity.

Not long ago, every intro-to-the-Trinity book had to promise that it was going to be practical and life-changing. But Reeves is one of the teachers who has gotten the message that the doctrine of the Trinity doesn’t have to prove itself practical before proving itself important. As Reeves says, “Christianity is not primarily about lifestyle change; it is about knowing God. To know and grow to enjoy him is what we are saved for – and that is what we are going to press into here.”

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