Evangelism with Dempfey and Theo

This is a gospel tract I designed, an evangelism tool. Well, it’s not so much an evangelism tool as a “how to think well about evangelism” tool, not to be used in presenting the gospel but instead to be used as a spur to think through the dynamics of evangelism. It was originally printed as a two-sided little booklet that you could start reading at either end. The two stories collided in the middle and came to a common resolution. Then you could flip the tract over and read the other story to approach the common ending from a different angle. It was kind of a formal experiment with comic book possibilities, and not really something that can be reproduced online very well. But here you can at least read the content of Dempfey’s One Spiritual Law and Theo LaGoomenon’s Brief Outline of a Popular Approach to Street Evangelism etc.

I think everything else here is self-explanatory: Talking sheep explaining Christian doctrine. Pretty obvious stuff. I hope you like Dempfey and Theo.


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