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Horia George Plugaru’s Argument Against the Abundance Theory of Creation

The Internet Infidels just published a new essay by Horia George Plugaru in the Secular Web's Kiosk, "Why the Abundance Theory of Creation Fails." From the opening paragraph:How can God be both a perfect being and the creator of the universe? Doesn't the fact that he created the world imply that he had a need or want? Otherwise, why would he bother creating anything at all? But then, if he had a need that implied the existence of the universe in order to be fulfilled, it seems he is not perfect: … [Read more...]

Argument Against the Resurrection of Jesus – Part 13

I am examining the implications of the following supposition:JAW = Jesus was alive and walking around on the first Easter Sunday.This supposition is asserted by most Christian apologists as a key claim in support of the resurrection of Jesus. Another key claim made by Christian apologists concerns the alleged crucifixion of Jesus:JWC = Jesus was crucified on Friday of Passover week, just before the first Easter Sunday.All four Gospels agree that Jesus of Nazareth was crucified in Jerusalem on … [Read more...]

Tyler Wunder Has Joined The Secular Outpost!

I'm pleased to announce that Dr. Tyler Wunder has joined The Secular Outpost! Here is a short bio he provided to me for this announcement:I received my PhD in Philosophy from Boston University; my dissertation was a critique of Alvin Plantinga’s Warrant trilogy. My publications are: “Anti-Naturalism and Proper Function” [Religious Studies 44(2)], “Critical Study of James K. Beilby’s Epistemology as Theology: An Evaluation of Alvin Plantinga’s Religious Epistemology” [Philo 10(2)], and “Critical S … [Read more...]

Has Christmas become too secular?

No. Christmas officially became a secular holiday on June 28, 1870. That's when President Ulysses S. Grant declared December 25 a legal holiday, along with January 1, July 4, and a day to be determined for Thanksgiving. We were founded as a secular country under a godless Constitution (no mention of God or Jesus), where freedom of conscience is guaranteed for all people. Just so there is no doubt about President Grant's intent, in his seventh-annual message to Congress on Dec. 7, 1875, he said: … [Read more...]

Tom Flynn, the Anti-Claus

Should non-believers celebrate a secular version of Christmas as a sort of winter holiday? According to Tom Flynn, the answer is "no." If you haven't heard of Flynn, he is the Executive Director of the Council for Secular Humanism, editor of Free Inquiry, and the author of The Trouble with Christmas. (As Flynn points out, his book makes an excellent holiday gift!)Flynn was touring the U.S. speaking to atheist groups on the topic, "The Trouble with Christmas." (He calls his tour the … [Read more...]

Argument Against the Resurrection of Jesus – Part 12

I have previously examined the implications of the supposition that (JAW) is not the case:(JAW) Jesus was alive and walking around unassisted on the first Easter Sunday.Now I'm going to start looking into the implications of the supposition that (JAW) is the case.There are many ways to divide up the logical pie, but I propose to analyze(JAW) into eleven different logical possibilities:Acronyms for key claims related to Jesus’s alleged resurrection:JAW = Jesus was alive and walking around on the f … [Read more...]

Finding Reason in the Season

I once believed in miracles because my parents told me they were true, but even then I recognized that all miracles were not created equal. The Hanukkah miracle of a light burning for eight days instead of just one paled in comparison to the Pesach miracle, when a God decided to “pass-over” the houses of Jews and kill the firstborn Egyptian male in each home along with the firstborn cattle (Exodus 12:12). Hanukkah, of course, while a major holiday in this country, did not become one for the … [Read more...]

Links and News — 19-Dec-11

Housekeeping"Secular Outpost Revamped"Ex-Apologist favorably mentions recent changes at The Secular Outpost.[Editor's Note (Lowder): Thanks!]"The Skeptic Awards 2011"The Skeptic Magazine plans to give awards for several types of skeptical activity, including "Best Blog." [Editor's Note (Lowder): Please consider voting for The Secular Outpost!]Miscellaneous"Bellingham Lectures in Philosophy of Religion"These lectures, which will be streamed online, will include talks by Jeffrey Schloss and … [Read more...]