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Are You a Current or Former BSA Member? If So, MSNBC Would Like to Hear From You

A journalist at MSNBC is interested in hearing from current or former members about the membership policies of the Boy Scouts of America. Since her reporting up to this point has focused on the BSA's exclusion of homosexuals, I think it would be valuable for her from current or former members about the BSA's discrimination against nontheists also.Her contact info is at the end of the article … [Read more...]

Unreasonable Faith: Failing as a Parent

So much for "love the sinner but hate the sin," eh?As the father of two young children myself, I cannot even imagine ever writing a letter like that to either of my children. LINK … [Read more...]

Are Christians the Best Argument Against Christianity?

According to The Confident Christian, Christians themselves are "the best argument against Christianity." The author sums up the argument as follows.Noted Christian apologist and author Ravi Zacharias says the one question that has haunted him the most throughout his ministry was asked by a Hindu acquaintance: “If this conversion you speak about is truly supernatural, then why is it not more evident in the lives of so many Christians that I know?”[6] In other words, a God who is said to … [Read more...]

Whatever The Motive, Human Ego Can Be An Understandable Component Of The Apologist’s Public Outreach

Among nonbelievers on the Internet, there has recently been some discussion about whether the more prominent public speakers and debaters for fundamentalist religious beliefs are honestly self deluded or are intentionally misrepresenting what they claim to be the truth about reality. I am in no position to definitively assess, one way or another, which of these possibilities is the case with each individual proselytizer. However, whether it is an honest but mistaken belief that these … [Read more...]

Index: The Evidential Argument from Evil: the Biological Role of Pain and Pleasure

The purpose of this post is to provide an index for all posts regarding Paul Draper's version of the evidential argument from evil which focuses on the biological role of pain and pleasure (APP)."The Argument from the Biological Role of Pain and Pleasure": an introduction to the argument "Silver's Defense of Draper's Argument from the Biological Role of Pain and Pleasure": self-explanatory "Is Evil Evidence for God?": I examine one specific attempt to use the "evil is evidence for God" … [Read more...]

Jeff’s Picks — 5 Aug 12

The Argument from Evil"The Problem of Evil in One Picture""The Narcissism of Thanking God""Why Should an Atheist Care about the Problem of Evil?""Does Everything Happen for a Reason?" by Bruce Gerencser"Is Evil Evidence for God?" -- by yours truly. A rebuttal to one attempt to use the "turnaround" strategy and argue that evil is evidence for God's existence."Does the Moral Argument Undercut the Problem of Evil?" by Thrasymachus"Why Moral Arguments Don't … [Read more...]

The political incoherence of atheism

Ian Murphy has a piece called "The 5 Most Awful Atheists." His choice of 5 is pretty much what I would pick: Sam Harris, Bill Maher, Penn Jillette, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, S.E. Cupp. Islamophobes, quasi-New Age ditzes, and libertarians.There is a serious point here as well. Sometimes it makes sense to speak of an "atheist movement" or the likes in the US, particularly in the context of efforts to increase social visibility and acceptance. But by and large, beyond such narrowly focused concerns, … [Read more...]

Catholic Bishop Calls for Blasphemy Laws

Stories like this make me very glad to be an American and to have the Bill of Rights. Sheesh!LINK (HT: Ophelia Benson) … [Read more...]