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Stephen Parrish: God and Objectivism: A Critique of Objectivist Philosophy of Religion

"I will examine what Objectivists, both old and new, have written about God and subject it to critical analysis. My conclusion will be that Objectivists have not only failed to keep up with the work of contemporary philosophers of religion, but that their work is marred by logical fallacies, especially begging the question. Philosophical naturalism is assumed rather than proved. Objectivists have failed to support the atheism Rand so vigorously espoused. Since Objectivists claim theirs is a … [Read more...]

Living like a Roman Emperor: the Stoic Life

This seems like a truly worthwhile exercise. … [Read more...]

Israel, Palestine, and Terror

(This is content is a bit tangential to secularism issue, but it is not entirely unrelated, so I hope I'll be forgiven for posting it here.)Prof. Jerry Cohen's chapter from my book Israel, Palestine, and Terror is available on-line here. I think it's one of the strongest pieces in the book. My own contribution (three thousand words) is pasted in below.Terror in Palestine: A Non-Violent Alternative?Stephen LawIn this volume, the philosophers Ted Honderich and Tomis Kapitan argue that … [Read more...]

ex-apologist: J.L. Schellenberg’s New Website

LINKHT: ex-apologist … [Read more...]

The Moral Laws Require a Moral Lawgiver Argument

Consider the following argument.(1) If God does not exist, then there is no divine lawgiver.(2) If there is no divine lawgiver, then there are no moral laws.(3) If there are no moral laws, then there are no moral obligations.(4) Therefore, if God does not exist, then there are no moral obligations.Why should we believe (2)? It's not hard to imagine what an argument for (2) might look like. One might argue for (2) on the basis of the following supporting argument:(5) Laws must be made by a … [Read more...]

ex-apologist: Lovering on Immoral Theistic Belief

Lovering, Rob. "On the Morality of Having Faith that God Exists", Sophia 51:1 (2012), 17-30.Abstract: Many theists who identify themselves with the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) maintain that it is perfectly acceptable to have faith that God exists. In this paper, I argue that, when believing that God exists will affect others, it is prima facie wrong to forgo attempting to believe that God exists on the basis of sufficient evidence. Lest there be any … [Read more...]

Doug Geivett: Paranoid Atheists, Take Note

I discovered this old post on Christian philosopher Doug Geivett's blog. He mentions a book by John Mickelthwaite and Adrian Wooldridge, God Is Back: How the Revival of Religion Is Changing the World. According to Geivett, the book "is a kind of protest against the excesses of paranoid atheism." From the description, the book does indeed sound interesting. … [Read more...]

Church of England Rejects Female Bishops

One of the comments at the following link pretty much sums it up: I find it amusing that a woman can be the Queen of England and the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, yet a woman cannot be a Bishop in that same church.LINK … [Read more...]