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New URLs for RSS Readers

If you are using an RSS reader, please update your reader as follows. To follow The Secular Outpost at its new site on Patheos, subscribe to this feed: we migrated our Disqus account from the old site to the new site, the location of the RSS feed for comments is unchanged. In case you have not already subscribed to the comments feed and wish to follow comments made about The Secular Outpost posts, subscribe to this … [Read more...]

How the Distinction between Deductive vs. Inductive Arguments Can Mask Uncertainty

Everyone who has taken a philosophy 101 class has learned the distinction between deductive and inductive arguments. It goes like this. Only deductive arguments may be valid; an argument is valid if and only if the truth of its premises guarantees the truth of its premises. Otherwise, the argument is invalid. If an argument is both valid and contains all true premises, then the argument is sound. Not all invalid arguments are worthless, however, and the concept of an inductive argument shows … [Read more...]

Jeff Lowder Speaking in London

I will be speaking to the Central London Humanist Group. Here are the details: Topic: Evidence about God: What Apologists Don’t Want You to Know When: Thursday, 28 March at 7pm Where: Conway Hall in central London LINK … [Read more...]

All New Comments Are Temporarily Being Held

After the migration to Patheos, I learned that it may, in fact, be possible to migrate our old Discus comments over to Patheos from the old site. In order to avoid a lot of problems caused by publishing comments on the new site using the Patheos system and then switching back to Discus, all new comments are being held up in moderation while we wait to get the Discus comments migrated. If the Discus migration works, we will notify each comment author individually asking them to repost their … [Read more...]

Pro-Life Atheists

Hemant Mehta's post about pro-life atheists is a great reminder of the diversity among nontheists. While the stereotype of atheists, at least in the U.S., is that we are all liberal on a variety of issues, that isn't the case. Pro-life atheists are an example. … [Read more...]

Read Secular Outpost at Patheos

This is our last post on Blogger–at least for the foreseeable future. All new Secular Outpost posts for the foreseeable future will be featured exclusively at Patheos. After this weekend, all older posts will redirect automatically to the new site at Patheos. Once the archive of the blog is moved to Patheos, I will be shutting off the ability to comment here at the Blogger version of the blog because those comments would be lost to posterity anyway when the redirects kick in. … [Read more...]

Word of the Day

"Ignoranus"Someone who is both ignorant and an asshole. … [Read more...]

Jerry Coyne Blogs about Three Critical Reviews of Nagel’s Book

LINK … [Read more...]