The Case for Siblings

As our old pastor Fr. Stan used to say, “And now, my dear friends, I am over on page six.”

By which I mean that today, my dear friends, I am over on Faith and Family Live, where I have a feature called “The Case for Siblings:  How to Shut Up Jerks In Supermarkets Who Are Yapping About Your Pregnant Belly.”

Or possibly they’ve edited the title.  Yeah, they probably have.  Which is why Danielle Bean has an empire, and I have my blog.

My blog!  My blog!!!!!  Anyway, please go check it out, and see why I argue that having a new baby is not bad for your current baby.  But first watch this:

YouTube Preview Image
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  • Famous J

    My pen! My pen!!! I haven’t seen that one in years!

    What a way to start the day. Thanks for that!

  • Sarah

    Alice was scared and i told her it was just dripping ink….really funny though!

  • Tooje

    Your article was forwarded to me from a friend. I really enjoyed it and plan on implementing the “Uh oh, the baby’s crying” method for my 2 year old. He’s already great with the new baby, but I certainly want to keep encouraging that behavior. Getting to help and be active is something he loves – this will be perfect, if I can keep his germy fingers out of her mouth as much as possible. Ha!

    Happy Tuesday.

  • Lauren

    You are hilarious. LOVE your snarkiness. :)

  • Tressa

    Absolutely beautiful article. I am expecting my 10th and by now people are just writing me off as being one of those crazy people you see on t.v. But have you noticed how people who have chosen to have smaller families always feel the need to explain why. There seems to be some kind of guilt or loss of pride involved for them. I seem to encounter this more than anything else lately.

    • Simcha Fisher

      Yes, I do, too. When I am out with my kids, I get mostly “Oh, God bless you” remarks these days. But some people seem to see our presence as some kind of statement or rebuke, when really, all we want is to get our damn library books or a few gallons of milk, and to go home. I used to want a bumper sticker that defended our family size – but now I wish I had one that says, “I really don’t care why you had a hysterectomy.”

  • Tressa

    BTW, I don’t see any ads at all when on your blog.

  • Mama Bean

    I love you for posting a) kids in the hall b) my pen

    I love you in general, but especially for that :)

    Also, off to read your article now :P

  • Grace

    Love your response…”all we want is to get our damn lib. books and a few gallons of milk…” That’s exactly how I feel when I’m out with my tribe (7 kids). Funny article…just discovered your blog and am enjoying it!

  • Amy

    Ok, so I just happened to read this article today. Been a fan of Faith & Family for a while now. Loved the article, which led me to the hilarious blog and BONUS–the funniest KITH sketch. Haven’t seen this in years but always am using the “My pen. My pen!” line. Thanks for the laughs!

  • Momto5minnies

    I love this blog!!!!! Your article over at FAith and Family was wonderfully funny and TRUE.

    The “my pen, my pen” was hilarious!

  • Dorian Speed

    I just want you to know that I’m crushing your head.

  • Margaret

    A woman once gasped at my 8 kids then proceeded to tell me all about her husband’s vasectomy and some of the weird side effects he ended up with in the presence of my children. I was already kinda testy so I just blurted out, “You may think your husband getting his beans snapped is great conversation but I find it weird, gross, and totally inappropriate for children”. She got up off the park bench and said, “How rude!!” Indeed.