The Difference Between Men and Women, vol. 3(?)

Sorry for the late start this morning, folks.  We are in the throes of August Fun Panic, and are rushing to create sufficient evidence that we had a nice summer — so I am a leetle bit behind on everything (by which I mean the kids are eating raw oatmeal out of sandwich bags for breakfast).

While I get caught up, here is something I heard on Car Talk yesterday on the car radio.  I laughed so hard, someone in an Audi actually yielded to me, just to get his car away from my car.  I believe that yielding breaks the solemn Audi code of conduct, but that’s not my problem.  Enjoy:

“A Matter of Sex” by the master, Dave Barry

  • Anne

    Stopped everything I was doing on Saturday to sit down and listen to this again. Cried with laughter.

  • A Girl

    “the throes of August Fun Panic” – ah god, so perfectly put!

  • Bob

    HI-larious. Speaking for myself, I usually skip right past any effort to figure out the correct response and just focus on coming up with a safe response.

    Of course, the default is no (intelligible) response, but that rarely works if you’re a married dude.

    I’ll tell you what though, I laughed harder at the phrase “the solemn Audi code of conduct.” We got that here, too.

  • Ellen

    The link doesn’t work! At least not for me.

  • js

    Doesn’t work for me either, you tease.

  • Julie
  • E

    got a page error, too. I did a google search for “matter of sex” “dave barry” and got your post here and the purported link in your post, but when I click on it, it says no go (to paraphrase).

    See if this link works, friends

    then do a page search for “matter of sex” and you’ll find it.

  • Simcha Fisher

    Sorry, everyone who couldn’t read it, and thanks to Julie and E for providing alternate links. Let me know if those don’t work. Does anyone know, can I cut and paste the whole article, as long as I attribute it to Dave Barry?

  • Martha

    That sounds like almost every conversation my husband and I have ever had, with different subjects inserted! Why, why, why? Because God thinks it’s funny??? What could the possible reasoning be behind this insane phenomenon of male/female thought patterns?

    Basically, I’ve learned (after 14 years), to just not read so much into things, and chillax. But it still creeps up now and then…