Me too!  Take a load off for a minute and cut out some virtual snow flakes.

Oh, what fun – WordPress won’t let me make a link!  Here’s the address:


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  • Renee

    How could you do this to me? I was finally getting packages to post to Australia ready!

  • Renee

    I mean : thanks Simmy – cool site!

  • http://catholicbibliophagist.blogspot.com catholicbibliophagist

    Too much fun! (They come out looking better than the ones I could make with sissors.)


  • Katharine

    Snip, snipetty, snip…you’re going to come over and cook dinner, right?

  • http://halfadozenproductions.blogspot.com/ Maurisa

    Dang it. It won’t work with me iPad. I’ll have to find some other diversion.

  • http://darwincatholic.blogspot.com MrsDarwin

    Gah! I have no time for this today!

    Except: the kids might sit and do this for hours at a time… Heh heh…

  • http://remnantofremnant.blogspot.com priest’s wife

    ARGH Simcha- “PANTS- the gift that keeps on giving”

    I wrote a blog post in SEPTEMBER in response to your blog post in response to whoever’s blog post…now, I am “obnoxious” because I hate skirts and veils (not true)


    I shall never respond to you again