Ordinary Time: A Revelation

Ooh, doesn’t that sound like a good post?  You can read it at Conversion Diary, where Jen Fulwiler has graciously lent me some space for a guest post today.  It’s about something I just figured out:  baby Jesus being born is a lot like a baby being born.  No, really!

If you don’t read Conversion Diary regularly, you’re nuts.  Jen is a Catholic convert from atheism, now expecting her fifth child, and always has something unusual, insightful, or funny to say about her growing understanding of the Faith — sometimes unusual, insightful and funny, all three!  Sometimes just two.  But never fewer than two, I would say.

Oh, and she is also, of course, the brilliant inventor of Seven Quick Takes, which has saved my sorry hide more times than I can count.  Probably seven!  But not fewer than seven, definitely.

Yes, yes, come see my post at Conversion Diary today.  I wrote it a few days ago, when I was able to write actual sentences.  And welcome, Conversion Diary readers!  I hope you stick around.

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  • Emily (a.k.a. Smoochagator)

    What an incredibly touching and encouraging and funny and TRUE post. Thank you!

  • Sarah B

    i loved it. i know that shark feeling…

    also, i think “the dampness and the crumbs” would be a good title for a film exploring the life of a mother as an artist(i.e. one who participates in creation)… sort of a counterpart to “THe Agony and the Ecstasy.”

  • barboo77

    No fair!! I’m supposed to have a blog post from you AND Jen. These shenanigans better not happen again!! ;-)

    BTW, Great Post!!

    • http://remnantofremnant.blogspot.com priest’s wife

      I agree

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  • http://2jackies.blogspot.com Jackie

    Thank you for such an incredibly wonderful story ! I always find the putting away a tinge sad but having the Christ child with us is always wonderful.

  • karyn

    Great post – it’s a comparison I haven’t actually thought about. I always sort of dread those first few weeks with baby and some part of me also actually dreads Christmas – but I think you clarified it for me. I’m always feeling like I’m not “doing it right”. Not enjoying every moment in the right way. I’m not having that instant transformation – but really the transformation occurs when we return to the “ordinary” part of life. Thanks!

  • http://www.laundryandlullabies.blogspot.com Emily

    I liked it. Thank you.

  • Kay

    This was wonderful. So true and so touching. I’m planning to save it and share it.

  • http://cathyadamkiewicz.blogspot.com Cathy

    Oh my gosh I just found you and I’ve been wondering where this blog has been all my life.

    You made me laugh, out loud, and slam my hand on my desk and shout YES – someone gets this!


    I’ll be back!

  • Bob

    Man-oh-Manischewitz, that made me laugh. I mean the post here, not necessarily the actual post at Conversion Diary — although I’m sure that one’s excellent, too.

    I don’t know, see, there was a reference to taking down Christmas decorations, which made me think of the exterior decorations at our house for which I’m responsible, and then I kind of blacked out. And the next thing I knew I was on a totally different webpage reading about smallmouth bass fishing in Tennessee. And I’ve never even been to Tennessee. How does that happen?

    Anyway, great post. I mean posts, plural. Probably two great posts. But not fewer than one, definitely.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/simchafisher Simcha Fisher

      Oh ho ho! Then I advise you to keep away for the next several days. Some serious lady talk coming up.

  • mommyto6

    AMAZING!! I think your analogies were RIGHT ON!! I am expecting #6 very shortly & I laughed & nodded thru the whole article!! Great!! :)

  • http://digestiveswithtea.blogspot.com Mrs. Fordyce

    Thank you for a great article! Now, I knew you could write screamingly funny stuff, things that make me shout for my husband to come and listen to this. But you also have a gift for pointing out beautiful truths in a way that is easy to understand.

  • http://undercurrentofhostility.blogspot.com Anne

    Thank you so much for this excellent insight. I’ve always secretly dreaded and despised Christmas, and I’m feeling the Exact Same Emotions Right Now as I wait to give birth again. Some unhelpful person said to me this week, ‘oh, by now it should be a breeze’. On the contrary, I cry, by now I know how bad and exhausting it can be. Am going to try and let in the good moments this time, like Jesus, as it were.