The Real Rapunzel

Happy Sunday!  Please come and check out my post at the Register today:  The Real Rapunzel.

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It’s terribly fashionable to be anti-princess these days — but would people feel that way if they read fairy tales in their original forms?  I blather a bit about my favorite story, Rapunzel.  Come take a look.  I would love to see some familiar names in the Register comment box — I miss you guys!

(And I really am working on a couple of posts just for this blog, including possibly a podcast.  Any opinion on that?)

  • Sarah B

    I just recently read an authentic Rapunzel story to my kids, and didn’t paraphrase. They were speechless. But they loved it.

  • Peggy

    Podcast? Yes, please, sign me up!

  • Maureen

    I’m just happy to have more of your writing! I found your blog during the pants fiasco and I’ve been hooked ever since. Please don’t stop linking to your other posts!

  • priest’s wife

    I’ll go over to the Register- but the best (IMHO) fairy tales are the Andrew Lang books- I bought my kids all of them (and read them to myself first)

  • Ann

    I read your article on NCR and loved it….and yes bring on the podcast. I coulnd’t leave a message there so I am leaving a message here.

    I live deep within the suburbs, so I really don’t notice too much princess back lash…but I did see a friend roll her eyes once when someone mentioned a birthday party company that throws princess parties – however, this same woman buys her daughters barbies and that kind of stuff, so that seems inconsistant.

    So, I will say what I do notice is that INCONSISTANCY is a big theme – saying one thing, and doing another, sort of like a shell game so hopfully no one will notice what you are doing, as you point the finger at others.

    Also – this anti-princess theme reminds me when people latch onto one idea, like “princess stuff is bad” – and that is a badge that is worn to identify them – a sort of substitute for religion if you will.

    Anyway, I really like the real Rapunzel story and have not heard it in a long time, thanks!

  • the cottage child

    Loved this, linked to NCR Rapunzel and The Jerk, right here. Hope that’s okay…I had to share.

  • Christine

    I love the Andrew Lang fairy tale books for the “real” versions!

  • Karen LH

    Basically, anything that either you or Jennifer Fulwiler decides to produce, I will read/listen to. The more the better.

  • Cari

    “Grimm’s Grimmest” is an interesting anthology of the original, less tidy, versions of the Brothers Grimm’s work.

  • Tiffany

    Have you ever watched “Into The Woods” (Broadway musical w/ Bernadette Peters)? It used to be available on Instant Netflix, and now you have to get the dvd, but it’s still worth it – in my opinion. It merges a bunch of fairy tales into one story, and the version of Rapunzel they used matches up with this original version.