Saints Act Like, Are Human Beings

Today’s Register post:  what we can learn from saints who give us the creeps.  Relatedly, here is an older piece from Inside Catholic:  I like the way he did it better than the way you don’t.  [link fixed]

Happy Friday that’s not a Friday in Lent!  Oh, I have good stuff coming up next week:  a giveaway, some great music that you will hate, and who knows what else.

  • Denise


    Somewhere (maybe your blog??) I read a story about Mother Teresa’s response to a particular criticism: that her order would accomplish more if they taught people to help themselves rather than just giving out freely and encouraging dependence – “Teach them to fish, etc.”. She responded with something like, “My people cannot even feed themselves. I will feed them. YOU teach them to fish.”

    Probably butchered that, compared to your well-written similar point in your articles. :) But so true – how easy to criticize, when we ourselves are doing nothing like the sacrifice. In fact, if we were sacrificing properly, we probably wouldn’t have time to criticize!