Guest Post: Fyodor Dosteovsky

My husband and I have started rereading The Brothers Karamazov, and are zipping through it  the blinding pace of nearly 2-3 chapters per week.  At this rate, we'll have it finished before our kids borrow the book for college.  I thought you guys might appreciate this passage, as the monk Fr. Zosima recounts a conversation  with a famous doctor: 'I love mankind,' [the doctor] said, 'but I marvel at myself:  the more  I love mankind in general, the less I love human beings in particular, … [Read more...]

The Communion of Virtual Saints

I think you'd be surprised at how long I thought about whether today's post at the Register should be titled "The Communion of Virtual Saints" or "The Virtual Communion of Saints."  The good news is, I managed to sneak in a Blazing Saddles reference, thus keeping pace with my goal to bring, however tangentially, more fart jokes to the Catholic blogosphere. … [Read more...]

Inside the bag was . . .

cruel defeat for you all. There were 116 entries, and nobody guessed it!  Are you ready?  Inside the bag was . . . mix for making homemade vanilla ice cream.   How can I be sure?  After some deep cleaning, we noticed a carton which was split open, from which a stray bag might reasonably have been separated.  The box held most of the pieces of an ice cream maker, as well as other little similar bags holding ice cream-making things, like rock salt.  Also in the box were instructions … [Read more...]

My son, the problem-solver.

7-year-old son:  BANG!  BANG!  BANG!  I'M A ZOMBIE KILLER! 5-year-old daughter:  Well, I'm not a zombie. 7-year-old son:  Wait here, I'll get my other gun. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Also, my post is up at the Register:  Pro-Life Euphemisms:  What Do You Think? ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Also, last day to enter in the contest! Email your answers to (sorry, I can't seem to get WordPress to make that a live link).  I have to say, I think I figured it out from other clues around the house … [Read more...]


ITEM!  My new post is up at the Register:  "Hey, You:  God Is Here."  We all know God is everywhere, but how do we help ourselves remember it, and feel it?  Rejected title:  "You Can't Have Prayed, You're Still Dry!" ITEM!  The Faith and Family Mom's Day Away last weekend was really wonderful.  I'm going to write about it this week, and steal other people's pictures, because I couldn't find my camera.  Danielle, if you're reading this:  sorry I forgot to give you that wine.  We'll … [Read more...]


#1 -  Go see my post today at the Register:  "Santo Commodius, Ora Ro Nobis." #2 -  Okay, this may be the stupidest contest ever, but here we go. I had a bunch of ideas, but chose this idea among all the fabulous ones that set my mind aglow with whirling transient nodes of thought, careening through a cosmic vapor of invention.  As you may have noticed, my mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought, cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives! But I finally … [Read more...]