Straight to the Source!

Today at the Register is the post which made me realize that I was more tired than I thought, because I came this close to naming it, “Never Mind the Politics, Here’s the Eucharist!”

I suppose this is the illustration I was going to use.

  • Krystin Rowley


  • bob cratchit

    Nevermind the bullocks, here’s the…! What the…

  • Anna

    Aw, with that title, just think of all the people who would have thought you meant we should give the Eucharist to pro-choice politicians and gotten all over your case about it. :)

  • Kate of the Unicorn

    I gave a presentation on the Eucharist using Alice Cooper’s song “Is it my body?” I appreciate your style very much Simcha.

    Congratulations on the news.

  • Dave (Kate’s husband)

    Some might call it sacrilege to take the Sex Pistols’ slogan in vain. :)