The Blessings of Poverty

Today at the Register, check out my post “The Blessings of Poverty,” if only to enjoy the video from Fiddler on the Roof.

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  • Mary Beth

    I’m posting here instead of there because I feel like it-is that okay?

    Your last paragraph reminds me of how my second oldest (24) begins many sentences when speaking to his youngest siblings. . . “back when WE (meaning the three eldest kids)

    were too poor to have closets. . . ”

    And the whole over scheduled thing-you’ve nailed it. A few years back we had a windfall (just in time to help a little bit with college) and started to put our kids into the stuff our Stepford neighborhood prized so highly. This year, not feeling so much windfally as pinched-tight-we have considered foregoing a family getaway (don’t read too much into that) in favor of those costly summer campy lesson things. What, are we nuts? I need to see grandma-so do the kids.

    yup-sometimes it’s best not to have the option.