Son Rise Radio Show Tomorrow

Matt Swaim is very kindly having me on the radio again tomorrow, 8:50 EST, to discuss how women objectify men.  Of course you realize this means I’ll have to be nice to my husband for . . . let’s see, nearly 23 hours straight, so as to get that authentic sound.  Wish me luck.

You can listen (they always have lots of interesting guests on, not just me laughing at my own jokes!) here.

  • tonylayne

    I wish I could listen. Unfortunately, at 8:50 EDT (that’s what you meant, I know), I’m barely conscious and hardly civilized enough to listen to anything on the radio or my computer. And that’s when I’m awake. Do they keep files on the ‘casts for later listening?

  • Simcha Fisher

    Wow, I never realized there was a difference between EST and EDT! I mean, I set my clocks back and all, but I didn’t realize it was called something else.

    To answer your question: yes, they archive the shows, and you can find podcasts of them here:

    I haven’t actually gotten around to listening to my last segment from August 24th, which came on at around 8:10 EDT.