Funding the Couch Bum

If you watched the Republican debate last night and are still frantically searching around for the nearest pool of germicidal gel in which to dive, here’s a reminder:  we can’t possibly do worse than what we have right now.  (That’s not actually what it’s about — just trying to sound all relevant-like.)

  • David King

    Sorry, I can’t agree; I’m just not that hopeful. I believe we’ve already headed over the edge, and if we do not elect someone who is a true hero: courageous, principled, knowledgeable, and wise, then we will watch helplessly as the train-wreck of the American Dream unfolds before our eyes.

    As you can guess, I’ve yet to see that candidate.

  • Cathy Carey

    I’m with David. It terrifies me to no end to listen to any of the so-called Republicians utter a single word. I’ve never seen such a hate filled, unconcerned with any one but themselves group.

  • Dan Imburgia

    I would be interested if you would articulate what you find so objectionable about the republican candidates? And what you mean by ” we can’t possibly do worse than what we have right now.” Oblged.