How to tell if you’re in the third trimester

Here’s hoping nobody at the Register knows what “schtup” means.

P.S.  I want full credit for deliberately choosing a low-resolution video.




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  • Jennifer Fulwiler (@conversiondiary)

    That was *hilarious*. You nailed it. Thank you for the morning laugh.

  • Kate T

    Oh Simcha, I am only on #4 and I already feel like you’re reading my mind. Between this and your post from the “Grandmultipara” you have ensured I have something to laugh at while sprawled out in the middle of the floor yelling incoherently at my baffled children.

  • samcarter14

    Oh, hell to the yes on all of that. I just had #4 a couple of months ago. All my babies are over 10 pounds, so by the seventh month I feel like I’m approximately 45 weeks pregnant, and am pretty much just lying on the couch telling the kids to look in the kitchen and see if there is food for dinner. And grocery shopping is an Olympic event, one I need to recover from for the rest of the day.

    Say what you will about the lack of sleep during the newborn stage, but it beats the heck out of being nine months pregnant!

  • laura

    When my mother was pregnant with her tenth and last, she quite literally spent June and July floating in our pool. She didn’t start out that way, but after more than one trip to the grocery store where she walked in, turned around, and drove home, she gave up trying.

    Bold video link. Very bold.

  • arcanacoelestia

    Only one pregnancy here, but I remember it well…. and my answer would be: “You feel like there’s a bowling ball sitting on your bladder.” Great article, and kudos for the BLAZING SADDLES link! (R.I.P. the wonderful Madeline Kahn, there was no one else like her.)