Twofer Costumes for the Conflicted Catholic Family

All right, there’s not actually any way I can pass off this styrofoam replica of a golden fertility idol

meant to resemble this one from Raiders of the Lost Ark

as remotely suitable for an All Saints’ Day party.  It does hold special meaning for me, though, because as I studied the above photo intently while jabbing at a ball of styrofoam with a spoon, I noted the exact moment when I began to freak out about giving birth.  (Yes, I censored the model I made, for reasons other than running out of styrofoam.  It’s for my 7-year old son, who asks enough questions as it is.)

Here’s a tip for you:  it’s harder than you’d think to make a golden idol out of styrofoam, tin foil, spray paint, duct tape, and a spoon.  But the boy is happy.

Anyway, for others who are still hunting for a way to send their kids trick-or-treating AND to an All Saints’ Day party, I have the solution.

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  • Abby

    Wow, yours looks way more authentic!

  • samcarter14

    I love it. What a good mom you are to be doing that at umpty-ump months pregnant, too. I have a kid who this year decided to be Aquaman—naturally, one of the few superheroes who doesn’t have a packaged costume. So today my main project was to take a devil’s pitchfork and spray paint it gold for Aquaman’s trident, and tomorrow to make a golden belt with a stylistic “A” on it. And be thankful that the other two kids who can trick or treat chose Batman and Robin.