To the mother with only one child

So I spent a good 3-4  hours pouring my heart into this piece (which is the kind of thing you get when I try to write after that evening sun goes down).  I put the finishing touches on it, formatted it, and rewarded myself by going on Facebook.  Where every mother I know was passing around this great and funny and honest piece from one Glennon Melton, which has very.  VERY.  similar themes to the post I just wrote, even down to the moral of the story.  Except that her essay has a happy ending, and mine is all, “Hey, moms, let’s talk about our kids, and DEATH.”

Le sigh.  You’ll just have to take my word for it that I didn’t read or even hear about her piece before I wrote mine.  I’m super tired, a little writer’s blocky, and yeah, pretty gloomy, but I am NOT a porn star.  I mean a plagiarist.  Whatever.

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