Tired Pride

Hello, new readers!  I’m really glad you stopped by.  You’ll have to take my word for it, just like when the lady from church came by with two homemade casseroles, toys for the kids, a tin of cookies, and a baby present . . . only to see that the kids were watching Curious George and using markers to decorate their naked torsos while I cruised Facebook while eating refried beans straight out of the can.  Which is to say, I’m really glad to see you!  But, heh heh, if I’d have known you were coming, I would have, heh heh, fixed the place up a little. . .

Well, at least we can all be glad that when I was writing this post last night, I came within three seconds of including a photo of the 2011 Furry Pride Parade — but decided to go to bed, instead.  Hooray!

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