Prayers answered, darn it.

Prayers God always says, “Okay, if you say so!” to.

  • Lisa

    Is there a link?

    • Simcha Fisher

      Oh, you want a link, too, eh? I suppose next you’ll expect me to put a coffee cup under the pot when I’m pouring coffee, or to turn on the dryer in addition to loading it. (But seriously, thanks for the tip! I would have gone all day wondering why everyone hated my post so much.)

      • Lisa

        Well, you know, I *could* have taken the time to look it up, but I’m lazy. Lazy reader, that’s me!! :)

  • Kevin

    Speaking of prayer, last Friday’s “Writer’s Almanac” featured a poem on the subject that appears to have been composed by someone who has obviously spied on some of my more fitful and pathetic attempts to maintain a prayer life. It’s posted here:

    • corita

      how lovely, Kevin. Thanks for the link to that poem.