Fisher Spirituality

My mother says that my first word was “Amen.”  Was I an especially devout child?  No, I just thought it meant, “Let’s eat.”  You can judge if I’ve made any progress in 37 years.

  • richard

    The future belongs to the youth.

  • Kate

    That was really funny. Why wont kids eat???

  • Natalie

    This is fantastic. And yes, I’ll say you’ve made some progress. ;)

  • enness

    “Everybody say grace…”

    “GRAAACE! Let’s eat.”

    I apparently liked to belt parts of the ‘Mass of Creation’ from our balcony.

  • allotmentgirl

    Thought of this post yesterday. My youngest up-ended the ketchup bottle all over her toad-in-the hole and mash, and then left most of it. It was completely un-usable as left-overs.