Is THIS what abstinence-only education looks like?

One of the excellent comments on the Register for today’s post (which is not political; I just thought this was a good comment):

This is why Catholics need to be wary about taking sides in the United States’ “Culture War”. The US is predominantly a Protestant nation. This means that the battle lines aren’t between secularism and Christianity, but secularism and heretical Christianity. (Not that I don’t like Protestants, but their moral theology is seriously deficient. I certainly don’t stay Catholic for the music.) As a result, Catholics may find themselves unwittingly supporting positions and ideas contrary to Church teaching due to a poorly thought out political alliance.

My husband added, “Protestants don’t understand the body, because they don’t have The Body.”  Then he said, “They made a pretty good dinosaur, but it has too much frog DNA in it.”   Heh.

(I realize that these are pretty broad strokes.  Perhaps protestantism in other countries looks different from American protestantism; and perhaps a certain crummy but VERY LOUD segment of American protestantism gets a disproportionate voice in the American media?)


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