Books that get childhood right

Such a short list!  I know you’ll have plenty of recommendations to add on the post.

Naturally, 101 Things to Do with a Baby is at the top of the list.  I don’t have the time to add my special links to all the books here; but as always, if you felt inspired to order any bookies (or other thingies) from Amazon today, it would be great if you’d do so through the link above!  Thanks to everyone who’s been using my links — it really adds up, and we Fishers appreciate it!

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  • Thrift Store Mama

    What a great list. We have a few and I’ll definitely be looking for the others at our local library. My girls LOVE Beverly Cleary and they are so much like Beezus and Ramona, that those are the nicknames I’ve given them on my blog !

  • Bill Burns

    When I used to read the Little Bear books to my kids (before I had reverted back to the faith), I used to interject inappropriate elements into the story (within reason, of course). The most common was cigarette smoking. I’d say, “So Little Bear paused and lit a cigarette,” and the kids would object. Eventually, I would ask before I began the story whether it was with or without cigarettes. They always said with, and they’d always object when I mentioned Little Bear lighting up.

    Of course, we also used to read stories from “World Weekly News” to one. “Why, yes, there are bats the size of human heads on Mars.”

    • Simcha Fisher

      Ha ha – we do a lot of scandalous ad libbing, too, to make the more tedious books bearable. This makes the older kids want to stick around during story time, which makes for a jolly, if not especially wholesome, family activity.

      Then of course there was the time I decided I could not, would not read Green Eggs and Ham one more time as is. So I streamlined it: “Would you could you with a fox?” “No.” “Would you could you in a box?” “No.” Cut the reading time in half.

  • Ra-chan (@musicchan)

    Oh, I read Half Magic in college for a course on Children’s Literature and I really wish I had been exposed to it as a child. It’s such a great book!