A Story Time Survival Guide

I wasn’t kidding, Ted — I really don’t have anything to say!  Or, nothing that I feel like saying about what’s in the news lately, when the most cheery story I can remember reading recently was about how nobody knew why there was a pair of lungs on the sidewalk in Los Angeles.

So, let’s talk some more about children’s books.  This time, the really awful ones, and how to survive reading them.

  • anna lisa

    Hmmmm, lungs. My Dad used to steal things like ears and arms from bins in the USC fridge. He cherishes the stories of days when he could put an ear in the salad of the girl he was dating. He got in trouble when he slammed the trunk of his car on an arm, and drove around LA–that is, until he got pulled over. That was the 50s. I suppose they’ve tightened up policy since then.

  • Ingrid

    Awesome post. I distinctly remember my father hiding “Billy and Bobby’s adventures” and our picture book of Bambi became a story about Handy the fix it builder deer who met Filene and made her a basement, and…that is how Filene’s basement came into existence.