Read the Declaration of Independence on July 4th!

Today starts the Fortnight for Freedom!  Get your free copy of the Declaration from Hillsdale College — more info here.

Or, for a donation of $10,000 or more to the Fisher Heritage Foundation,* an authentic Patriotic Patriarch will come to your house and read it to you.**  Attentive Matriarch (pictured at left) is extra.

**Not an actual foundation

**Not really.

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  • Phil Prever

    Actually, for $10,000 I WILL come to your house and read it to you. ~Patriotic Patriarch.

  • Kate

    My husband suggested that the bishops should really try to fix the root of the problem (especially among their contracepting flock) and declare “A Fortnight for Fecund F—king.” Success would rely on the assumption that most of the fertile population does not know the meaning of “fecund” but is very familiar with the last word and so would jump on the bandwagon because of the coolness of the alliteration.

  • Sarah Ruth

    Thanks for the link about the declaration! It’s a good idea!