Why would an unmarried woman chart her cycle?

Why would Simcha write another article about NFP?

Answer to question one here.

Answer to question two:  because I really want to hear certain people admit that they’d rather see women die of cancer than use NFP.

Answer to question three (oh, and the question was, “Why would you SAY such a thing?”):  Because it’s hot.

  • anna lisa

    Hot there, COLD here. June gloom blues. Wearing sheepskin BOOTS right now on the second day of SUMMER :(

  • corita

    Oh my goodness it is hot!!!!! The things we say at our house when we are valiantly trying to get through One More Baltimore Swampy Summer with no air conditioning!

    anna lisa- what part of the country is cold right now? Or did I forget you are not in the US?

  • http://sarahsbasicingredients.blogspot.com/ Sarah Ruth

    great article about nfp!