What should I speak about?

You know that bumper sticker, “when the power of love overcomes the love of power, then we shall blahbitty blah blah blah?”  Well, where I’m at is when the sick-and-tiredness of being broke overcomes the dread of letting people see how lumpy I am, then we shall seriously consider launching a speaking career.

It turns out that the best way to go about this is not to wait for people to invite you, and then when they do, you say, “Gawrsh, I dunno, what do you want to hear me talk about?”  No, you’re supposed to have ready-made topics.

I have a general idea of what kind of things people are interested in.  But I don’t really go to conferences, so I don’t know what they are like.  So, if you do go to conferences (and I’m thinking mostly of the Catholic ghetto circuit, since that’s where I generally hang out anyway — although any friendly venue would be fine), what would you like to hear me talk about?

Also, for goodness sake, if you are in the business of organizing conferences or lecture series, I am officially available as a speaker!  simchafisher@gmail.com!

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