Abducted by art!

So I says to myself, I says, if people are going to misunderstand me and get mad when I’m just saying things like, “Babies are nice.  I like life.  Thanks, God,” then why don’t I give them something interesting to misunderstand and get mad about?  Art, history, fatness, gender studies, and naked ladies.  Nah, nobody will get upset.

Also, it gives me an opportunity to tell this story:

When my kids were little, I showed them that masterwork of techincolor ham, “The Ten Commandments.”  We came to the scene that wallows in the sufferings of the Hebrew slaves:  the groaning, the sweating, the filth, and the brutality of the Egyptian taskmasters as they whipped the poor slaves without mercy.  My then five-year-old son is rather emotional, so I looked over to see how he was handling it.  His eyes were wide and his mouth was agape.  And he said, “Boy.  I wish I had a whip.”

Wulp, we’re going to the zoo, so if the combox freak show gets too freaky, I’ll have to get caught up later!

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