Stupid game for your Monday morning!

I don’t know about you, but I had quite a weekend.  How about a stupid little game, to ease ourselves into another stupid week?

Just open up a comment and press ctrl + V.  Whatever you copied last will get pasted in.  Then we’ll see who we’re dealing with here.

Here’s mine:

hid his eyes behind his wing) Doubled the flames of sevenbranched candelabra

Don’t that make me sound smarty and arty?  It’s from Eliot’s The Wasteland, as Melanie Bettinelli surely knows.  But the truth is, someone quoted this line on Facebook, and it sounded vaguely familiar, like maybe Shakespeare or the Bible or one o’ them thick books.  I had to Google it to find out who said it.  Oh, well.  College was a long time ago.

Okay, now yours!  Fun!  Fun!

  • Gretchen nelson

    We are outnumbered and, at best, considered superstitious and irrelevant – at worst, a danger to society. In such circumstances there needs to be a stiffening of commitment if more and more of us are not to fall victim to the beguiling temptations of the secular world, where comfort and having a good time are necessarily important since there is no other life to look forward to.

    No, I didn’t write that. I’m not that smart, or holy. I found it on Fr. Z’s blog and just posted it onto our business’s Facebook page.

  • Kristy R

    sadly… just a link to a house i was looking at… nothing artsy or creative! sorry!

    • Patrick

      I live about in downtown Mount Airy. Nice area. :)

      • Corita

        Hey Patrick! I am semi-homeless in Frederick right now! Holler!

    • Dreena Tischler

      It’s a big lot and hard wood floors! How lovely!

  • Kristy R

    but it IS a fun game!! thanks for changing up my morning! ;)

  • Bearing

    Glory to the Father,and to the Son,and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever, Amen.

    I win.

  • Micaela

    Helping out a breastfeeding mom with some links. Fun game, Simcha! I’ll check back later to see what else people add.

  • Lisa

    Wow – it makes me look like all intellectual because I read an editorial…. :)

  • Maureen

    It won’t work, but it should be a picture of my kids. I’m working on a photobook for my son’s birthmom and I always start by copying photos from lots of different files into one file.

  • Sheila

    My niece is trying hard to have her baby before the doc induces her!

    • Anna

      Eat a bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups. I had tried everything else – but that was the last thing I tried before my 15-days-late son was born. So I pass that on as excellent advice. If it works, yay! If it doesn’t, who cares, you just spent all afternoon eating peanut butter cups!

      • Sheila

        sweet – I will pass that onto her. Makes me wish *I* had a reason to eat a whole bag of Reese’s cups :)

  • Angela

    Hmm, I need to google more interesting things.

  • vicazo

    ~ Or as they say around here, “get his s*** together.” Charming, aren’t we? ~

    (Alas, I was hoping I had last written something really profound or saintly)

  • Rosie

    “One man fell off his roof and right after he landed, a huge chunk of ice fell off and hit him on the head. It was like Looney Tunes.”

    I was looking through old emails from Ima and Abba for slices of life for the comic book.

  • Annie M

    Deductible 2012 (1)

    Because I spend my life working through stupid insurance problems with even stupider insurance companies. Happy Monday!

  • Sarah

    One of my favourite CAtholic bloggers.

  • Ciska

    Achtergrondinformatie afbeeldingen bovenaan (van links naar rechts)

    Text I had to use several times for work. Yes, I’m commenting while I’m supposed to be working …

  • Karen

    1763 Hamiltion-Cleves Road

    State Route 128

    Hamilton, Ohio 45013

    Because I was trying to see how far away a certain field trip proposed by the local homsechooling group was from my home. Answer: Too ridiculously far to attempt, especially for those of us with toddlers. I don’t know what they’re smoking.

    • bearing

      Ha! I know exactly where that is!

      And I live in Minnesota :-)

  • bob cratchit

    Myriad RBM’s

    • bob cratchit

      ^Biomedical company in upstate NY.

      BTW- ctrl-v only works with PC (no mac or other operating system).

      • Anna

        But macs can use command/apple key + v instead. So it still works for us.

  • richard

    Amusing as usual.

  • Melanie B

    Doh! I saw that comment on your Facebook page and it didn’t ring a bell at all. I read it and shrugged and moved on to the next thing. I guess I have to turn in my credentials as a wanna-be Eliot scholar.

    Here’s my last copy on this computer:

    Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote in his Buck v Bell opinion: “It is better for the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes. Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”

  • MM

    A. Left kidney, robotic assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy:

    Papillary renal cell carcinoma, type 2.

    AJCC Staging (7th edition) pT1a pNX pM: Not applicable

    Apparently I, too, am trolling your blog when I should be working.

  • Jeannine Marie Wyss

    a website i was sharing. lots of cool printables? :)

  • Klevo
  • tiffany

    But I have had to retrain my brain to not NEED to update the world every single time I do something. “If I don’t update my status, it didn’t happen!”

  • Rachel LaPointe

    awwwww nothing! there is nothing there when I ctrl-v!


  • Christina

    {} <– Absolutely nothing…cause your blog is the first thing I read! (actually I pull up blogs while waiting for my computer and brain to really wake up…your's just happened to be the only one with an interesting post)

  • Anna

    Yay, I actually have something fun! Planning for our next month’s (Leisure, the Basis of) Culture Club…

  • krista

    21st-century, Contemporary, Fiction


    Lol, I was tagging books in my calibre library. I believe that one was for Son of a Witch, from the Wicked Series by Gregory Macguire.

  • Monique in T

    The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed. -Ernest Hemingway, author and journalist, Nobel laureate (1899-1961)

    That’s the quote from today’s Word of the Day.

  • Jenny

    New England’s first breast milk depot has opened in a parenting center outside Boston.

    The freezer at Isis Parenting in Hanover, Mass., is a place for moms to drop off breast milk donations for needy infants.

    Read more:

    I feel very weird about this…but fun game!

    • Melanie B

      Well, I’m glad you shared that link. I live in Massachusetts and that’s a bit of information I’m happy to hear about.

  • Jamie

    Not spamming you — over the weekend I was sharing a link to a post about a lower-stress but still effective way to deal with head lice.

    Will I ever be able to type the word “lice” without convulsively scratching my scalp, do you figure?

    • razzbelly

      Hey, thanks! Just happen to be dealing with this issue. lol

  • Ana

    We’ve also started having the girls share a room again this week resulting in them waking everyday sometimes as early as 4:55 (that was this morning).

    • Dreena Tischler

      Ana — I bought my kids a lamp timer and they stay in their room until the light comes on! It works great. Over time, they re-trained themselves to sleep until it comes on.

  • jcawalton


    Ha; didn’t expect that. Was trying to get out of an automatic mobile-enabled site on my iPad. Gosh, that was yesterday I think.

  • Leenie – I am pleasantly surprised by my past. Well worth the watch!

  • kathryn25

    I thought for sure it would be something dumb…but no, command + v actually captured the best thing I did all day, which was send this blogpost to a friend.

  • GeekLady

    {Insert chuck of Excel spreadsheet with genotyping PCR calculations here. Pasting that only works in Word.}

    On my iPad, paste gives the direct link to today’s Girl Genius – I tried the sneaky gate to get a peek at today’s comic last night, but it wasn’t uploaded yet.

    Sorry, I haven’t done much on the internet yet today.

  • Dwija Borobia (@HouseUnseen)

    I’m scared. Here goes…

    Okay, it was a link to my own blog, which is too lame to post. Why haven’t I done something…funnier today???

  • Kim Schroeder
  • Simcha Fisher

    Aww, I should have waited until later in the day for this game. Some of these are pretty great, though. Although it’s . . . kind of like a Facebook feed, actually.

  • Jeni


    Pathetic right? I copied it because I can’t spell and I was searching for how to revive my peace lilly that appears to be beyond hope. :(

  • Mary


    From reading about an orphan on Reece’s Rainbow.

  • Cari Donaldson (@CariDonaldson)

    Because I don’t get all that much in the way of bad vestments that I can come up with sufficient snark for. Because a lot of Christian art is worthy of ridicule. And because some Christian architecture is just as aesthetically appalling as some Christian vestments. Haven’t gotten to it yet but there’s a church here in St. Louis County that I’m afraid to even approach, never mind worship God in.


    From a writeup about the hilarious “Bad Vestments” website. Love love love that blog.

  • KristyB

    (Our daily mess is driving me crazy!)

  • Dreena Tischler

    So there you have it! The Great Commandment. So much fun reading the comments.

  • Joyce M

    I thought something technical would show up because I am working, but while on break, I had checked out the new Catholicism class.

  • Christina

    The effects of sleep deprivation: I pulled up to the gas pump, put in my credit card, turned around and couldn’t find the gas tank on the car. I stood there scratching my head for a minute – is the gas tank on the other side?  Then I realized that   the side door of the minivan, which I had opened to reach my wallet, was covering the tank. Duh.

  • Sarah Webber

    It was for my 7 Short Takes on Conversion Diary. Yes, I know it’s Monday morning; I’ve been busy.

  • 1michaele

    But don’t do it on a Monday morning – she had too many blanks. Have it come out in the middle of the day or something.

  • Cathy K

    Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5229 Laptop

    (Responding to someone’s question about what laptop I ended up getting my college bound daughter…)

  • razzbelly

    photo credit: HoboMama via photo pin cc

  • NY Mom

    Dear Cathleen,

    What is your brother-in-law Jerry’s last name?

  • Julie

    “There are instances of rape where the woman is insensible and doesn’t know she’s experiencing trauma. As a politician, you can never imply that rape in that case wouldn’t be a legitimate accusation. It was a terrible gaffe.”

    Yikes. It was a comment I left somewhere that I copied before I posted because my computer has a habit of eating comments.

  • RebeccaK


    Phew, nothing super embarrassing! It’s the RSS link for the literary tattoo blog I just subscribed to. I found it through a link to the April 12 tattoo of Bukowski’s ‘For Jane’ which took my breath away, and has made me cry each of the 3 times I’ve read it since finding it on Friday.

  • Christina

    “Being sent via inter-office to _________ – it’s in a fed-ex box.” Just got back after lunch and this is what’s in the clipboard. The printout was so large it wouldn’t fit in a normal envelope. And I thought it would be something on ice-pick headaches, which I was looking up just before going (sharp headache that last’s less than a minute).

  • Maria D.

    Ha, it must have been from when I was editing my shop earlier. :-D I was genuinely surprised to see that!

  • Joel

    Prince Albert piercing

    I had seen it in a Facebook status (a police officer describing someone he had arrested) and I’d never heard of it, so I googled it. My advice: don’t. Neither google it nor get one. (Full-body shudder.)

    • Christina

      Now I’m curious about that “prince Albert piercing”. Saying don’t google it is like telling someone not to think of pink elephants.

      • Joel

        Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

        • Christina

          yea…I sat their wide-eyed reading the wiki article (which includes pictures). Even for a woman that’s a squirm-worthy piercing to think about.

  • nancyo

    It’s a link to an article about a classical sarcophogus, used as an altar in a church in Aquino, Italy (where Thomas Aquinas was baptized!), that was stolen 21 years ago from the church, and just recently returned. I was pasting the link into a draft blog post – might be an upcoming Friday Quick Take.

  • CMerie

    Paterson, Ward 06, Passaic, New Jersey

    Working on geneology stuff. Fun game!

  • Ethan

    I was archiving the link to an interesting documentary on the Canons of St. Augustine at Stift Klosterneuburg in Austria. Very fascinating and entirely worth watching.

  • MightyMighty @ Letters
  • Sheila

    “That is why I believe 2012 is, without a doubt, the defining election of our lifetime. The difference between My Side and the Other Side could not be greater. That is why it absolutely must win on November 6.”

    An excerpt from an article I was posting on FB.

  • Margaret E. Perry (@bymags)
    • Melanie B

      What a great letter by White! I’m so glad you shared that.

  • LN
  • Heather’s Hodgepodge

    “I will probably never use this, but I’ve often wondered about this”

    This is from a Pinterest pin, on how to choose wine. Which is funny, as I’ve never had wine.

  • Corita

    Heh. I am using my brother’s computer and NOTHING came up when I hit ctrl-V. But Simcha your name came up in family discussions this weekend! Wish I could paste some snippets from THOSE!

  • Briana D


    Earning some Swagbucks to get some giftcards and I had to tweet something. Funny. I should do this on my husband’s computer and see what he’s been up to :)

  • stasha

    Political maps show the locations of countries and the borders between them, and often show the locations of cities and states

    doing some homeschooling :)

  • msw

    “Phyllis Diller”

    Following the news while working.

  • Sarah R.


    (A recipe I soon plan to make. Nothing fancy, but we’ve got fresh parsley in the garden!)

  • Tori

    This seems like shameless self-promotion…but this really was the last thing I copied. I had pasted the link to my latest blog post on my Facebook page. It’s pictures from our recent beach vacation :)

  • Dawn H.

    Chicken and Rice Casserole

    1-1/2 cups uncooked rice

    1 can cream of chicken soup or chicken gravy

    2-1/2 cups water or chicken broth

    1 pkg dry onion soup mix

    4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts (cut in

    Bite size pieces. (If wished, preseason w/garlic)

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

    Mix all ingredients together.

    Cover tightly with foil, bake for 1 to 1-1/2 hrs.

    Or place ingredients in crock pot on low, 6 hours.

  • lydiacubbedge


    Not a prison number or anything neat like that. Just the style number for a bridesmaid/matron’s dress. It’s pretty, though!

  • elestirne

    jest jak nietoperz,

    zamieszkuje piwnice,

    poddasza, jaskinie,

    w dzień śpi,

    poluje w nocy,

    wisi głową w dół.

    Trzeba wielkiej wyobraźni,

    by go porównać do ptaka.

    Jest ślepy,

    wysyła sygnały,

    odbiera sygnały.

    Można powiedzieć: słyszy

    jedynie samego siebie.

    Kiedyś sądzono, że żywi

    się ludzką krwią, ale on

    zadowala się muchą,

    chrabąszczem albo ćmą.

    Gdy byłem mały,

    wychodziłem o zmierzchu

    „na nietoperze”.

    Rzucałem w górę kamienie,

    a nietoperz pikował

    za nimi, w ostatniej chwili

    orientował się, że

    to podstęp i natychmiast

    korygował lot.

    Zdarzało się, że gdy kamień

    był większy, nietoperz w niego

    uderzał i spadał na ziemię. Poezja,

    jeśli jest, przypomina

    dziś kamyk,

    czasem cegłę.

    Copying and pasting a Polish poem into Google Translate.

  • Marya

    Harmony Juvenile – Cruz Backless Booster Car Seat, Black/Red

    Boring…just looking for a new booster seat for my 4 year old.

  • Otepoti
  • The Recovered Catholic
  • Lady Harriet

    Akerlof and Kranton (2002)

    I was looking up citations for a paper I’m working on at work. This is an article on the economics of education.

  • The Ubiquitous

    The Holy Spirit confirms this in my heart.

    (From arguing with a Protestant about how his bosom burning is different from Mormons’ bosom burning.)

  • Sarah
  • Sarah

    oh ummm, the above link has some pretty rough swearwords in it. I didn’t actually copy it and paste it, my mum was using the computer….ummm…so yes my Mum was reading about ‘saints who could kick your ass.’

  • Cathy J

    We propose to temporarily stockpile soil on Site prior to off Site disposal.

    ..from a work document in progress. Now that I see it by itself it’s redundant, of course. Time to edit…

  • Innocent Bystander

    Honey is the only food that never spoils. But that applies to RAW honey. Most honey we get today has been pasturized, which doesn’t mean it will spoil, but it will lose flavor. W:hy do retailers mess with our food!? All honey will crystalize with time. You just need to nuke it for a few seconds to return it to a liquid form. Archaeologists have eaten honey over a thousand years old and found it quite tasty. But who is to say whether it tasted as good as it did a thousand years ago?

    Comment from a food website…lol, I’d forgotten all about that…I wanted to eat some mochi that has been sitting in my closet for eight months and was trying to find out what foods keep that long ;)

  • Sara

    This photograph shows the actual item up for auction. The box has been opened, but cards are unplayed and in original shrink. Original rules are included.

    Free shipping to the U.S. and Canada. I will cover up to $7 for other international shipping.

    1 = 1 entry

    5 = 6 entries (1 bonus entry for every 5GG)

    Winner chosen sometime after 12:00pm on August 31 using Jeromier’s Awesome Tool.

    Oh…that’s only somewhat interesting. DH’s auction of a boardgame on

  • Mary

    Because my kids are back in school.

  • Megan

    I am so glad it happened to be something awesome. *g*

  • Jo

    It’s not Monday morning anymore I’ve heard, but I had a really busy week and just catching up. So see, I’m a true fan!

  • Heather

    Because I’m always trying to lose weight. Yeah, I know it’s Friday. I’m a little late.

  • Paul

    hors iceluy, elle ne peut faire ny trouver aucune chose

    • Paul

      From a French devotional manual, circa 1600 (for work!)